Geosteering aids in determining the geologic structure of the formation.  This information is important while drilling horizontal oil and gas wells to remain in the desired target zone.

Geosteering is the correlation of real-time MWD gamma ray data to offset logs in order to calculate formation bed dip. Other components of geosteering include stratigraphy of target interval, penetration rates, gas trends, and isopach thickness for a perfect landing within the desired target zone.  Through mathematical calculation, specialized software, and experience, Raptor Consulting, Inc. can help your company maximize production while minimizing costs. Raptor Consulting, Inc. uses a variety of software to perform its geosteering services, which include a traditional method of geosteering developed in-house, Terracosm Software’s WellDirect, and Stoner Engineering Software (SES).  For more information on the software, feel free to follow the links to WellDirect and SES at the bottom of the page.

Horizontal Geosteering

log-thumb-001-welldirect horizontal log log-thumb-001-SEScross

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Onsite Geosteering

on-site geosteeringThe key to drilling a successful well is communication.  Onsite geosteering provides hands-on communication from the geologist on location to the operations geologist(s), directional drillers, and your company’s onsite representative.  Raptor Consulting, Inc. offers two options for onsite geosteering:  the first option is included with our well site geology service package, at no additional cost; the second option is onsite geosteering with no well site geology service, at a reduced cost.



Remote Geosteering

remote geosteeringRaptor Consulting, Inc. offers an option for remote geosteering.  To ensure that our clients receive the best possible services, our remote geosteering service is conducted in a controlled and supervised environment at our office in Bridgeville, PA.  Our experienced employees have firsthand knowledge of drilling operations on location, and will provide direct communication to the drilling location with geosteering interpretations and recommendations at regular intervals as desired by our clients.