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I have used Raptor for years to help place laterals in the Point Pleasant (Utica Shale). As well as sample mud and cuttings gas for more detailed isotope geochemical work. They have knowledgeable personnel, are extremely professional and efficient. “No we can’t do that” has never been a part of their vocabulary.

We here at Snyder Brothers have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending Raptor Consulting for your next drilling project. Our last drilling program with Raptor Consulting was one of the best yet in terms of efficiency and professionalism. With correct wellbore placement being our number one priority for successful wells, Raptor’s geosteering team worked directly with our in house geologists to place several 8400 foot laterals 100 percent in the target window through some rather complex geology where other vendors have failed to do so. Their willingness to tailor their services to an operators needs, make informed decisions as if they were drilling the well with their own money, and excellent job summary reports are the reason Snyder Brothers considers Raptor Consulting as one or our most valued vendors.

Raptor clearly understands the level of geosteering necessary to maintain the integrity of the well path within the targeted formation.  They combine top tier geosteering knowledge with excellent communication skills and prompt and concise reporting. We highly recommends Raptor Consulting for geosteering and mudlogging in horizontal well drilling applications.