Well Site Geology is an essential in the exploration for oil and gas.

Raptor Consulting, Inc. can help you every step of the way!

Well site geology applies the fundamentals of geology to the drilling program of an oil and gas well. A well site geologist on location while drilling an oil and gas well allows for a trained geologist to have an eye on the discovery of hydrocarbons. The scope of Raptor Consulting, Inc. well site geology services include but are not limited to:

  • Drill cuttings/sample cleaning, identification, and logging
  • Digital gas detection with remote access
  • Onsite Geosteering
  • Electric log and/or coring supervision and evaluation
  • Daily reporting
  • Comprehensive final well evaluation

Mud Logging

Raptor Consulting, Inc. currently uses TLog, a logging software developed by Terra SLS, Inc. Below are a few examples of the type of logs we can provide to you, as well as a link to Terra SLS, Inc. website for more information on the TLog software.

Vertical Logging

Geologic and Electric Log Composites

Horizontal Geosteering Logs

Digital Gas Detection

The MLogger series gas detector is a digital gas detection system. Specifically designed for well site gas detection, and with the Mud Logger in mind. The three models begin with the Blue Box (TG) which detects total gas only. The Red Box (TGC) will detect total gas and has a built in chromatograph, and our most advanced MLogger, the Green Box (TGC-CHO), includes CO2, H2S, and O2 detection along with total gas and a chromatograph. Each model includes advanced network capabilities, giving Mud Loggers, Geologists, and interested parties the ability to remotely manage multiple wells, all from an easy to use dashboard on a private and secure website. This website is tailored to your company, giving Mud Loggers the ability to create a log from anywhere!

Well Evaluation & Reporting

Daily Drilling Reports

A daily report which includes a morning report, updated log, and geosteering interpretations and recommendations. The daily report contains the following:

  • Daily drilling summary with past 24 hour drilling activities
  • Updated surveys
  • Plan view image showing progress of well
  • Traditional geosteering image
  • Formation tops and target projections while landing the curve
  • Isopach chart used while landing the curve

Geosteering Reports

Regular geosteering interpretations and recommendations will be provided via e-mail at an interval to be determined by client.

Final Well Reports

At the end of each well, a comprehensive final well report will be distributed to the client in a timely manner. The final well report consists of the following:

  • Written geologic evaluation of the well
  • Well data summary containing operator information, well location, and third-party contractors
  • Summary of daily drilling activities, mud properties, and bottom hole assembly record
  • Geosteering cross section
  • Surveys
  • Structure
  • Lithology
  • Digital copy of report and logs e-mailed to client (hard copies available upon request)

For additional information call (412) 221-4499 or email geology@raptorconsulting.com

Real Time Data

Raptor Consulting, Inc. offers real-time remote viewing of gas chromatography. Clients can view real-time total gas and integrated C1-C4 chromatograph values as the well progresses. The client also receives relative bit status (on/off/bottom), hole depth, rate of penetration, pump status, lag time and depth, and gallons per minute. Viewing of real-time updated geologic logs is also available at the client’s request. This information is accessible through any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

For additional information call (412) 221-4499 or email geology@raptorconsulting.com